Why I made this show was created to be an ongoing investigation into the thought patterns that drive economical, high quality decision making.

I'm interested in building things, making better decisions, and telling people about those things. These are the topics you'll see (hear?) covered.

Who am I?

Oh boy, what a question.

I'm a 30 something male (you can probably tell that by my voice) based in the midwest United States. I'm a developer & marketer by trade, but I'd like to think that those things don't define me. I suppose what I'd like to say is that I'm a fellow curious wanderer. In reality, I'm just a dude with a lot of hobbies and a curiosity well the size of a small ocean. I guess some part of me is always looking for the optimal way to solve problems - hence this whole thing.

But why?

Because it's interesting. And useful.

Why not? That's the real question. Technology is the great enabler, and the democratization of media, while still nascent, is promising. So much so that I have the gall to think that I can do this. Or maybe the naivete.

What can i do about it?

If you dig the show and the idea, just give it a listen. Subscribe to the thing so you won't miss episodes. Marketing is really hard. Like super hard. So if you wanted to tell a friend about it, that would be muy bueno. Otherwise, if you hate this show and wish for it to not exist - simply do nothing or send me an angry email. Either way, the choice is yours.