Episode 14

Addition by Subtraction

The practice of addition by subtraction can help nearly all aspects of our businesses or lives. Many things can be improved by making them simpler, or more concise. In this episode, I introduce the concept so that we have a shared language through which to discuss more complex ideas.

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Topics, links and context for the audio.

  • Addition by subtraction 
  • Minimalism 
  • Marie kondo 
  • Digital minimalism 
  • Cal Newport
  • No surf
  • Habits that are unpleasant are surprisingly easy to avoid 
  • As such, we can look at fields like conversion rate optimization, or behavior design as processes that remove friction 
  • Tons of businesses have been created by allowing people to save time doing something 
  • Uber (reduces friction of getting across town) 
  • Texting (makes it easier to communicate without all of the niceties and conversational cues) 
  • Voice activated speakers like HomePod, amazon echo