Episode 4

Daron Larson (Mindful Awareness Coach)

In which we discuss mindfulness and how thinking about being, and thinking about thinking can influence our decisions.

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Topics, links and context for the audio.

Daron Larson is a mindful awareness coach, teacher and speaker. He is also the founder of At Home in Your Life, where he helps clients train their attentional fitness. 

  • Introduction 
  • What the heck is an academic librarian
  • Collecting accurate information for decisions
  • On the satisfaction of surprise 
  • On the double edged sword of technology
  • Digital junk food vs deeper connections 
  • "The world is never going to be less distracting than it is right now"
  • Sneaking attention exercises into every day life 
  • Implications of being in an attention economy 
  • Exercising your attention fitness 
  • Deconstructing and disrupting impulses
  • The virtues of navigating boredom
  • Paradoxical insights
  • Mindfulness and emotions 
  • Self awareness, sensory experience and being alive 
  • Making the decision making process tidier 
  • Making decisions emotionally and justifying them through logic 
  • Bridging the gap between the gut and the brain 
  • How to get started with mindfulness 
  • Going to narrative by default, breaking that cycle 
  • The laboratory of your life