Episode 9

Joe Sinkwitz (Founder, Intellifluence)

Joe Sinkwitz is a co-founder of Intellifluence and Principal at Digital Heretix. Joe is one of the smartest marketers on the planet. We discuss a variety of things including influencer marketing, decision making and paths to entrepreneurship.

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Topics, links and context for the audio.

  • Introduction 
  • Why influencer marketing is so effective
  • How the individual became important again
  • The Kardashians and massive social paychecks
  • Social & credible expertise
  • Micro vs Macro influencers and credibility 
  • Aspirational influence and social proxy utilization
  • Product market fit testing through social
  • How to evaluate new features for a software product
  • Why we see differentiation in industries dominated by homogenous skillsets
  • How leadership decision making influences the end product of a company
  • How we got here today 
  • Joe on Twitter
  • Intellifluence
  • Digital Heretix