Episode 5

John Michael Godier (Author, Host, Science Popularizer)

John Michael Godier is an author, a youtuber and a science popularizer. We discuss creativity, decisions and routine.

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Topics, links and context for the audio.

  • Introduction 
  • On the discovery of technology as a way to connect 
  • Ecommerce beginnings 
  • On the old internet, and doing things the old way
  • Why John gravitated towards youtube 
  • How to stand out in a competitive niche on youtube 
  • On determining whether to create something or not 
  • Johns discovery process for creating content 
  • What John believes now, that he didn't before 
  • ASMR
  • On why relying on advertising changed his business in unforeseen ways 
  • On writing books from a movie that plays in your head (as opposed to storyboarding and planning) 
  • On deciding to do a radio show
  • Maintaining continuity of content between mediums 
  • Maintaining a commitment to quality 
  • When and how he got interested in science 
  • On equipment minimalism
  • How to choose what to work on today vs tomorrow 
  • On how scientists think compared to regular people
  • Known unknowns vs unknown unknowns and SpaceX
  • Johns Youtube
  • The Event Horizon on Youtube
  • Johns' Book: Supermind
  • The Event Horizon on Twitter