Episode 7

Maureen Metcalf (Leadership Consultant)

Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of Metcalf & Associates. Maureen is a highly sought-after expert in anticipating and leveraging future business trends to transform organizations. She has captured her thirty years of experience and success in an award-winning series of books which are used by public, private and academic organizations to align company-wide strategy, systems and culture with innovative leadership techniques.

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Topics, links and context for the audio.

  • Introduction 
  • On Kaizen and continuous improvement
  • Contrasting leadership styles 
  • Characteristics of a great leader 
  • On resolution, flexibility and conviction within leadership
  • How leadership works
  • "Strong convictions, weakly held"
  • Types of decisions that leaders struggle with
  • Common solutions employed to work on the decision making process 
  • System 1 vs system 2 and how they relate to leadership decision making
  • The importance of the scientific method 
  • Hierarchy and information bottleneck within organizations 
  • Maureen on Twitter
  • Innovative Leadership Institute
  • Maureens show